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This class covers:

    • The three questions that come up in a person's mind before they perform any action. How the efforts of our works are never lost: a look at science, energy and matter.
    • How to perform works without bondage, with all one's heart and with a single-minded resolve.
    • An inspirational story of steadfastness, determination and persistence.
    • The stages that the mind goes through to change from a confused to a determined mindset. The example of a judge whose own son appeared before him in court.
    • The relationship between the Vedas and Yoga. Categorisations of karmas: firstly shrauda karma, smartha karma and Dharmic karma and secondly nitya karma, naimitik karma, kaamnya karma and nishida karma.
    • The difference between karma kaandh and karma Yog.  The relationship between actions and expectations.  How to perform actions without wishing for their fruit.  Being free from dualities: the mindset of a tightrope walker. 
    • A lesson from the life of ShreeKrushna and Rukhimiji on how to have complete faith.
      Chapter 2 verses 42 and 43:
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