Bhagavad Gita classes
Bhagavad Gita classes

Jai ShreeKrushna!

On 8 November 2011 SHYAM launched these powerful classes on the Bhagavad Gita, based on the teachings by the great and internationally-renowned Saint H.H. Pujyashree Bhupendrabhai Pandya These classes are now watched in 81 countries in 6 continents, have been uploaded onto over 840 websites and people world over are being empowered by the teachings of Sanatana Dharma ("that which has no beginning and no end"). 


We study the meaning of every verse, every word and many of the syllables of the Gita, a scripture for all humankind.  The classes are given by Veena Uttam, Meera Doshi, Sonal Seta and Dhruv Chhatralia, and are taught with love in a rational, scientific and practical manner so that you can apply the teachings to create a beautiful, enriching and powerful life for yourself.

Videos of all are classes are available free to the whole world either by following the course or by watching them by chapter.  Handouts are also available for all the classes that have already taken place. Just click on the links above and be prepared to be inspired, empowered and enriched with the teachings of ShreeKrushna!

Feedback from class students

"What a lovely class. Thanks so much for arranging all of this. What I find truly amazing is how many people I know who have paid thousands to go on coaching classes and flown across the world and still come out unsure and all the while, you are offering these classes to us out of the greatness of your heart, around the corner from me! I'm really thankful that I can learn from you each week and for making the Gita accessible".

"A warm thanks once again for the kind invitation to attend the Bhagavad Gita session at CMS McKenna. Even after one session it is evident that you guys are doing some tremendous work and really delving deeper into our great text. I personally found the session extremely insightful and beneficial - I hope to attend more regularly"


"I would just like to praise the team for their commendable efforts so far. After wanting to come for so long, I finally had a chance to attend the class on Tuesday and was incredibly happy to see the way the whole event was conducted with such grace, passion and dedication. I will definitely be recommending the classes to friends and family. Wishing you and the team a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year".

"I have seen nothing with the qualitive excellence of these Bhagavad Gita classes anywhere in the world".

"The class was phenomenal especially when learning the bit about not forcing someone to listen and knowing when to retract from a situation. The situation that occurred later with two people at a distance from each other and being overcome by their senses was really thought provoking. It will be interesting to find out how one saves their relationship when faced with such a dilemma. I'm so glad the classes are being recorded".

"It's truly inspiring to see what you've achieved through these discourses and the lessons that we've all enjoyed so far. It provides me with food for thought for the full week until we cover the following verses, and evidently the rest of the world too. I would like to thank you for providing such an accessible and engaging medium for studying the Gita. It feels great to have completed chapter 2 with the class and I thoroughly look forward to beginning chapter 3!"

"I have heard so much about the talks you host every week, my father always comes back most enlightened! I hear you've moved onto chapter three this week, I haven't as yet managed to watch the uploaded videos, but when I get a chance will definitely pass on my feedback. I have been meaning to read the Gita as I am very interested in its philosophical aspect, however have been told its quite a difficult text to get to grips with so your classes would be perfect for me to get a better understanding".


"I love listening to your every word. Makes the Gita so easy to understand".

"The Aumkar is fantastic and I'm really thankful for you teaching us this method of meditation. Feeling so alive and full of energy today. Thanks again :-)"

"Well done yesterday there were some very difficult concepts that you had to explain and you did v well. I liked the meditation at the start too. Really good class".

"Class was excellent yesterday and I was even educating my mum when I came back from class so thank you very much. I funnily enough was going to email you to expand for my benefit, so I am clear on how best to meditate on the immensely powerful Hari Aum when we are by ourselves. I want to incorporate that into my daily routine. I used to do a lot of yoga and found it hugely beneficial and wish to get back into it"

"Thanks for the great class yesterday, and loved the meditation at the end. Lets keep this as a regular feature please".

"Many thanks for the amazing class yesterday. i attended after listing to quite a few of the youtubes that particularly intrigued me and wish to get through all of them soon".

"I have been watching your classes on youtube - until Chapter 1 - 41 verse. I have shared the links with my friends, brother and friends in India. I have watched other sessions of yours like '7 Leadership qualities of Ganapathy'. I would like to attend all your events/sessions/lectures. Thank you very very much for your GREAT service"

"I very much enjoyed yesterday evening. You are doing an excellent job"

"I am so glad that I have found these classes"

"Great class yesterday; I took in an unbelievable amount of material in a very short space of time"

"I'm impressed you get up each week to basically teach people what the Gita means. That's a lot of time spent. I'm also impressed you manage to fit it all into your deal smashing lifestyle!"

" I had been following some of your series online from my desk when I get the opportunity and it was nice to finally attend. I really admire what you are doing".

"Good to see you on Tuesday and thanks for the session. I really liked the 8 step method to achieve peace of mind - this will definitely be very useful on a day to day basis".

"Great event and great initiative. May the Lord always be with you"

"It was a really great class yesterday. I am eager to watch the previous videos"


"I found the concept of pleasure and pain quite stirring. It seems inevitable that as human beings we would genuinely strive towards something that provides pleasure and satisfaction. In which case it is only natural to seek to avoid pain, however in doing so the mind is increasingly focussed on the negative. I guess the secret is in keeping a neutral mind: if one does not experience pleasure, how can one experience pain? I can't wait for the next class. It will be interesting to understand how to keep the mind calm and achieve peace, despite challenges that could otherwise be construed as setbacks. I guess it's all about having the positive drive to move forward in life no matter what happens by keeping the mind focussed on the set goal".

"It is a matter of immense pleasure and proud that Gita classes and its videos is getting tremendous responce from everybody. Our heartiest congrats and 'Vandan' to all of you over there for putting in your efforts for this 'RamKaaj'. My prayers and blessings to you all".

"Just wondering how long the knowledge sessions are for? They are wonderful :). Looking forward to our next class".

"I really enjoyed your sessions".

"The class yesterday was unbelievable. Congratulations on your great work"

"Thanks again for the amazing classes- I'm learning lots".

"Was good to be back to the sessions yesterday. Gives you a feel of spiritual reconnection!"

"I watched the Gita class videos and I was very impressed by what I saw"


"Its is so kind of you that you are giving these classes. May the Lord guide you in your noble work!"

"You know I'm a big fan of ur Bhagavad Gita classes and i really appreciate your work and thanks for the links"

"I thought the session was amazing. The breathing exercise absolutely relaxed my mind and I felt positive and relaxed. It was the best feeling ever."

'I was amazed at how I was completely taken away from the pressures of work by attending a class. Even in the midst of a busy working day and within the confines of the office, the session was masterfully led by the presenter who literally transported my mindset to another place. I would certainly recommend it to others'

"I thought the session was great, I must admit to being a bit cynical about meditation beforehand presenter was fantastic and managed to change my mind about it all - found it all fascinating and its definitely something that I will continue to practise!"

"The last session was truly relaxing and engaging. I returned to my desk calm and with a fresh perspective."

"I enjoyed it all and it was the first time I had meditated! It was really relaxing - I would do this all over again"

"Yesterday was such an interesting session"

"The session was exhilarating and truly special and I loved the energy in the room."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class last week".

"Thank you for a wonderful story in chapter 2 verse 41! you are great!"

"Thank you so much for today's session!

Brilliant one, thank you so much!"

"Great class yesterday- I love your energy and motivation in delivering this, it makes a big difference!!"

"The delivery has made such a big difference- I come out so fired up and inspired every Tuesday"

"Your speech was truly inspirational"

"This week was excellent, it's good to have context and real life stories"

"I was so inspired after yesterday that I have started reading around a lot to give me more background"

"Congratulations and thank you for organising a wonderful talk- it was very well received by my friends I brought along"

"Thank you for these classes. I have been really inspired"

"I really enjoyed the Gita study class yesterday. Thank you. Your energy and enthusiasm are inspiring"

"It has been a great pleasure and pretty educational in meeting you and listening to your talk"

"I would like to express my gratitude for you taking time out of your busy schedule to give these fantastic speeches. I brought my friend along who is not Hindu and he was very inspired by the content of your talks"

"The talk was inspirational and I am so grateful for this project"

"This has been a brilliant inititiative"

"Thanks for putting on such a good series of events"

"It was a pleasure to attend the excellenty organised talk"

"It was so lovely to be at class! I must say so it's lovely to have your association!! Thank u for an inspiring class!" 

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