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The chapter 2 Yagna that began on the auspicious day of Gita Jayanti on 6 December 2011, was completed today when H.H. Pujyashree Bhupendrabhai Pandya, a Saint renowned throughout the entire world and a priceless and irreplacable jewel in the Indian Saint tradition, gave the 14th Gita class via video from India.  This was a wonderful surprise for the class, who were delighted to see Guruji Himself speak and experienced first-hand the amount of love, splendour, power, purity and compassion that Guruji radiates.  We thank Guruji immensely for offering His precious time to teach the class and for imparting His timeless and most valuable wisdom.  Guruji discussed in verses 69 to 72 of chapter 2:

  • The difference in the mindsets between those who have faith in the soul and those who chase after material objects
  • How a person who is stitaprajnya ("settled in intelligence") deals with desires in the mind and attains to peace: the beautiful example of waters entering into the sea.
  • How one can perform actions free from longing, without any sense of mineness or egotism.
  • How, being free from desires, one becomes at peace and in the divine state of Brahmistiti. Being free from desires, craving, mineness and egotism to experience self-confidence, self-esteem, self-valour, self-power and self-bliss.
  • How fixed in the state of Brahmistiti, one can attain to the bliss of God (brahmanirvaana), which is the Ultimate Goal of human life.  
  • Conclusion of chapter 2 and summary of the incredible journey we have had so far.

Chapter 2 verse 72:
Chapter 2 verse 71:
Chapter 2 verse 70:
Chapter 2 verse 69:


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