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This class covers:

  • The differences between Sanskrit and English grammer.  How the subject, the verb and the object are placed in sentences of both languages.  The beauty of Sanskrit grammer and how it affects the meaning of this verse
  • What actions should human beings perform? The 11 meanings of the word niyat.
  • A look at the life of ShreeRam, the embodiment of Dharma and the perfect role model.
  • The three ways of performing actions: the Worker, the Artisan and the Performer.  The great example of the clothes dyer given by Nanabhai Bhatt.
  • The link between actions and their consequences, and a look at the choices we face in life.  The example of the City banker and the farmer.
  • A study of wish-making and the cycle of karma, memory, wish, desire and karma.  How can be free from this cyle in order to be liberated?
  • Two signals that a person's body will tell them before they are about to perform a wrong action.  What a study of criminals in America revealed about the mindset of criminals before they were about to commit crimes.
  • When making important decisions, should we follow our heads or our hearts?
Chapter 3 verse 8:

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