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This class covers:

  • Why there is no need to change your work from the outside but from the inside. The differences in the reasons for acting between a good person and a bad person. The reasons why a good person should get married and have children.
  • A study of the Navkar mantra of Jainism and the meaning of the word Acharya.
  • An explanation of the three modes of nature and the 26 departments of the modes. How all actions are created out of these modes.
  • The qualities of the modes:  how the Zen Saint Rinjay reacted upon being attacked by someone.
  • The story of Buddha's last moments, first with Chand the blacksmith and second with his discplies. How Buddha's brother and disciple Anand attained Nirvana after the death of Buddha.
  • The mistakes made by the thinker Krishnamurti in telling people to stop reading scriptures and the effects that his mistakes had on society.
  • The benefits of being free from egotism. The advice given by a Saint to an elderly woman in USA and the incredible effect this had in the woman's life.

    Chapter 3 verse 30:

Chapter 3 verse 29:


Chapter 3 verse 28:


Chapter 3 verse 27:


Chapter 3 verse 26:



Chapter 3 verse 25:

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